How to reach Basara by Train, Bus, Car or other means of transport.

Basara Temple route map from Hyderabad or Secunderabad. Basara temple distance from Hyderabad is about 220 kilometers.

Here is the Google Map for the Gnana Saraswati temple.

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Basara is well connected with Road and Rail routes.  
By Air :  Nearest airport is Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. From Hyderabad one can choose to travel by Bus, Train or by hiring a private taxi.

By Train :   Basara has a Rail railway station between Secunderbad Junction - Mudkhed Junction (via Kamareddy, Nizamabad.)

By Road :  Number of Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Buses ( APSRTC) are available from Hyderabad Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station ( Imliban Bus station) and from Jubilee Bus Station (JBS  Secunderabad)

List of trains and their schedule to Basara. Basara temple train timings are as follows.

Note: Information provided may be out dated and need update. Kindly visit the Indian railways web site for the latest.

 Basara Train timings from Secunderabad and Kacheguda railway station are as follows: Basara Train station (Railway station) code is BSX.

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time Days Of Run Classes
M T W T F S S 1A 2A FC 3A CC SL 2S 3E
17639 +KCG AK EXP KACHEGUDA 07:30 BASAR 11:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - - - -
18509 +VSKP NED EXPRES *SECUNDERABAD JN 09:20 BASAR 12:44 N N N Y N N Y - - - - -
18309 +NAGAVALI EXPRES *SECUNDERABAD JN 09:20 BASAR 12:44 N Y N N N Y N - - - - -
08509 +VSKP NED SPECIA #SECUNDERABAD JN 09:20 BASAR 12:45 N N Y N N N N - - - - -
17058 +DEVAGIRI EXP SECUNDERABAD JN 13:35 BASAR 16:43 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - -
17020 +HYB AII EXP *SECUNDERABAD JN 15:30 BASAR 19:03 N N N N N Y N - - - - -
17064 +AJANTA EXPRESS SECUNDERABAD JN 18:10 BASAR 21:35 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - - -
57563 +HYB PBN PAS *SECUNDERABAD JN 23:10 BASAR 04:16 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y - - - - -
Legend Code Title Description
[#] Temporary Trains Temporary trains are valid for some specified period only.To know the validity period, move the mouse over the Originating Station
[*] Not A Starting Station The train does not start from this station.To know the train starting station, move the mouse over the Originating Station
[+] Trains having same numbers These trains have other trains having similar numbers. To know similar train, move the mouse over the Train Name
[$] Lower berth Quota A Lower berth Quota has to be provided in AC and Sleeper classes for senior citizen and women above the age of 45, travelling alone

(Note: Kindly reconfirm the train numbers and the destinations with the proper railway authorities. is not responsible for an misinformation)

BUS Transport
Number of APSRTC buses, as frequent as every half-hour, are available from Imliban Bus station (MGBS), Hyderabad  and Jubilee bus station, Secunderabad, Nizamabad and Bhainsa.
Contact APSRTC for a detailed Schedule.
 APSRTC Enquiry phone numbers:

040 - 23434268     General Enquiry
040 - 23434280     General Enquiry
040 - 24618685     General Enquiry
040 - 23434264     General Enquiry
 040 - 24613955 and 040 - 23434269 - Reservation Enquiry.
From Maharashtra buses run from Nanded, Bhokar, Hadi Gaon and Mudhkhed.
(Note: Kindly reconfirm the phone numbers with the proper APSRTC authorities. Website is not responsible for an misinformation)

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